Lois Alter Mark
April 16, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Arnold Schwarzenegger and pediatric health may seem an unlikely combination, but the actor has actually been working with children-and communicating vivid fitness messages-for years. Now that he’s a children’s author as well as star of Kindergarten Cop, kids may want to check out their hero’s previous work. Here’s what they’ll find:

THE TERMINATOR (1984) Machine man Schwarzenegger goes back in time to present-day Earth on a mission of destruction. Interaction with kids: He sets out to kill the future mother of his unborn enemy. Fitness message: Getting in tune with your body makes it easier to repair an eyeball with an X-Acto knife when necessary.

RED SONJA (1985) Warrior Schwarzenegger and his female counterparts must destroy a sacred talisman before an evil queen conquers the world. Interaction with kids: While a pint-size prince watches, Schwarzenegger grabs a dragon in a stranglehold so Sonja can stab it in the eye. Fitness message: Lunges and twists are beneficial for efficiently beheading your opponent with a sword.

PREDATOR(1987) Rescuing hostages in Central America, Schwarzenegger encounters an inhuman enemy. Interaction with kids: Crying babies are heard as Schwarzenegger and company blow up a village. Fitness message: Strong triceps enable you to crush two heads together.

TWINS (1988) Schwarzenegger discovers he has a twin brother (Danny DeVito) who looks and acts nothing like him. Interaction with kids: Schwarzenegger yawns uncontrollably while wheeling his own twin infants in their stroller. Fitness message: Strong triceps enable you to crush two heads together.

TOTAL RECALL (1990) Schwarzenegger’s memories haunt him in this future tale of two planets. Interaction with kids: On a subway station escalator, he shoves some kids out of the way before choosing a grown-up human shield to take the gunshots intended for him. Fitness message: Using weights to build up pectorals prepares you for severing villains’ arms.

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