David Browne
April 30, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Earth and Sun and Moon

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We gave it a B-

Leave it to politicized Aussies Midnight Oil: Only they could succeed in turning slogans like ”My country right or wrong” and ”A new world order has been formed/Between the cheque book and the dawn” into pop hooks. For a few moments on their ninth album, they match those words with brisk, brightly textured rock — even if it is of the old world order. ”My Country” is a worthy successor to their only decent single, ”Beds Are Burning,” and the arrangements — friskier and less cumbersome than on earlier albums — make it easier to tolerate the lost-in-spastics voice of lead singer/ fledgling politician Peter Garrett. Then, halfway through Earth and Sun and Moon, the band’s old leadenness returns, the songs start drying up, and you start wishing Garrett really would get elected to national office. B-

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