Steve Daly
June 11, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Disbelief isn’t the only thing suspended in Cliffhanger. To get the film’s vertiginous action shots, director Renny Harlin sent remote-controlled cameras speeding up and down steel tracks built into the sides of mountains. Actors and stuntpeople swung on cables from bridges, planes-and, sometimes, soundstage rafters, after which they were superimposed over mountain backgrounds. SEE SPAN: To film a scene in which Stallone and Janine Turner try to cross a footbridge, then dive back to safety when they accidentally trigger an explosion, the Cliffhanger crew went to Falzarego, Italy. A sturdy span was custom-built to support the actors safely-they ran across it wlthout harnesses or braces-and then rigged to break apart during the detonation. While the drop below the bridge was considerable, careful composition (bottom) and postproduction trickery made it look far more perilous.

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