Bruce Fretts
June 11, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Patti D’Arbanville has been working in Miami, but that doesn’t mean she wants to talk about Don Johnson. ”There’s nothing I can say that I haven’t already said,” she says apologetically about her lover of the early ’80s, with whom she had a son, Jesse, 10 (who lives part-time with Johnson and wife Melanie Griffith). ”I’ve just f — -ing had it. I have such another life now.” That other life includes a flamboyant role on NBC’s South Beach as Roxanne, an ex-spy/innkeeper/mistress of disguise. ”She changes her look the way most people change their shirts,” D’Arbanville, 42, says of the part, which requires up to five makeovers per day. ”They even have an Afro that I haven’t gotten to wear yet.” The actress also just completed a six-month stint as Christy Carson, ”a man-stealing, murderous psychopath,” on NBC’s soap Another World. But with her World contract up (and Christy safely institutionalized) and her work on South Beach finished for the season-D’Arbanville no longer has to shuttle between sets in Miami and Manhattan. Which leaves her with more time to tend to the most important part of her life: her family, including the three kids she has had in the past three years with fiance Terry Quinn, 32, a New York City fire fighter with whom she lives on Long Island. ”We’re going to get married the day the judge signs his divorce papers,” she says. And then: She wants more kids. ”I’ve had C-sections for all of them,” D’Arbanville reports. ”The last time, the doctor said, ‘Should we tie these (tubes) up?’ I’m split open on the table, he’s got his hands inside me, and he’s asking me what I want to do! I said, ‘Just sew me up, okay?’ I was flabbergasted.” –

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