EW Staff
June 11, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

If you want to work as a roadie on Paul McCartney’s current U.S. tour, you have to listen to what the man says. Vegetarian food ”is just a rule on the tour,” says the singer’s spokesman-and workers must adhere to Paul and wife Linda’s dietary beliefs. A memo from Quality Crews, which is supplying workers for the tour’s Midwestern dates, states: ”No sandwiches of meat of any sort can be brought onto the site. (There will be trash police!) You will be fired!” ”They have extraordinary food,” says the spokesman, who counts seven chefs on the tour. But Tiffany Thivener, a Quality Crews exec, begs to differ. ”It’s terrible food,” she says. ”When he last toured, they even had people that dug through the trash to make sure no one had gone to McDonald’s.” (This year, McCartney is asking concessionaires to offer meatless franks.) Thivener thinks the former Beatle is mellowing. ”They let us have eggs and milk this year,” she says. ”It was that or lose your crew.”

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