Lisa Schwarzbaum
June 11, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Royals: Dynasty or Disaster

TV Show
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In Season
Documentary, News

We gave it a D-

Nearly everybody who has ever made a buck off the goings-on among Britain’s crumbling House of Windsor makes an appearance in this rubbishy hour-long show. Professional Princess Di impersonator Catherine Oxenberg is host, and the parade of hangers-on who weigh in includes scary-looking romance writer and Di-bashing step-grandmama Barbara Cartland, scary-sounding writer and Di basher Lady Colin Campbell (identified as a ”former royal courtier”), pro-Di astrologer Penny Thornton, and one Andy Wong. Identified as a ”jet-setter and Hong Kong socialite,” Wong informs us that if Fergie-that’s Sarah Ferguson to you-”becomes glamorous and may-be a bit slimmer, she will be at the top of this world.” The clips, photos, news, and reenactments of taped phone conversations are old, the script is a hash, and at least four commentators refer to the program ”Dinnasty”-that’s Dynasty to you and me. I yield to no one in my appetite for the scoop on Princess Di, but if you’re as hungry as I am, be warned: These morsels are rancid. D-

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