Benjamin Svetkey
June 11, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

It has out-of this-world suspension, rich Corinthian leather interiors, and a super-high-octane engine that goes from zero to 8 billion mph faster than you can say, ”Make it so.” You can test-drive the sweetest little starship in all outer space – the U.S.S. Enterprise (a.k.a. NCC-1701-D)- at your local Star Trek: The Next Generation dealership (consult your TV listings for days and times). Or else check out its awesome specs on the following pages, with some low-pressure sales help from Trek’s production designer, Richard James, and graphic designer, Michael Okuda. Remember, your actual mileage may vary. The Bridge ”This is where most of the action takes place,” says James. ”It’s the brain of the Enterprise.” Actually, it’s Stage 8 on the Paramount lot, which also houses Sickbay and Ten-Forward, the ship’s recreation lounge – where barkeep Whoopi Goldberg stirs up such interstellar cocktails as Trixian bubble juice. Among the VIPs who’ve beamed aboard for a private bridge tour: the entire New York Rangers hockey team, Gen. Colin Powell, and even some monks from Tibet.

Captain’s Ready Room ”This is where the captain confers with his officers and contemplates his decisions,” James says,”It’s his personal space.” It’s also where he keeps prized possessions, like the ancient Naikous statue from the planet Kurlan (lower left corner) and an antique Shakespearean folio made of genuine pre- space-age pulp paper.

Engine Room ”We’re about to refurbish it,” says James.”It’s getting a bit run-down.” The table is where Geordi La Forge (Le Var Burton) revs the warp engines, which are booted up by Trek’s famous dilithium crystals. ”Dilithium,” says the show’s writer’s manual, ”works to focus the radiated energy of the reaction and channel it into the two power transfer tunnels leading to the warp nacelles.” Uh, right.

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