David Everitt
June 18, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Body of Evidence, The Lover, and Damage can all be found without MPAA tags in video stores. But not all unrated videos are crammed full of sex or gore. Video companies often bypass the ratings board for art and foreign films or made-for-TV fare, and since getting a rating costs money, sometimes cheapo labels just don’t want to pay. Here, a few recent titles earn letters. UNRATED MOVIE THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (1975, LIVE) Vivid adaptation of Dumas’ classic revenge story about a man who’s wrongly imprisoned. ORIGIN Made for TV HOW WE’D RATE IT G (although the plot is probably too complex for children)

UNRATED MOVIE CUP FINAL (1992, First Run) Engrossing story of the friendship that develops between an Israeli soldier and his Palestinian captors.

ORIGIN FOREIGN HOW WE’D RATE IT R (violence, profanity, nudity) UNRATED MOVIE

REVENGE OF THE NERDS III: THE NEXT GENERATION (1992, FoxVideo) Funny, dumb continuation of the nerds-versus-jocks saga. ORIGIN Made for TV HOW WE’D RATE IT PG (mild profanity, lame double entendres, the very presence of Morton Downey Jr.) PG-13 (violence, profanity, brief nudity)

UNRATED MOVIE STALIN (1992, MGM/UA) The life, times, and murderous political crimes of the Soviet dictator (a chilling Robert Duvall). Sudden thunder (1990, A.I.P.) Trashy shoot-’em-up about an undercover cop exacting revenge on the drug lord who killed her dad.

ORIGIN Made for cable HOW WE’D RATE IT PG-13 (violence, profanity, brief nudity)

UNRATED MOVIE SWOON (1992, New Line) Abstruse telling of the 1924 Leopold-Loeb case, in which two young gay men murdered a 14-year-old boy. ORIGIN Independent art film HOW WE’D RATE IT R (violence, profanity, simulated sex, implied sado-masochism)

UNRATED MOVIE THE TENTH MAN (1988, MGM/UA) A Frenchman schemes to survive the Nazi occupation in this workmanlike drama. ORIGIN Made for TV HOW WE’D RATE IT PG (violence, mature subject matter)

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