Steve Daly
June 18, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The nightmare always starts the same way, Mom. You’re taking me to see Jurassic Park and I look at the front seat and there’s Barney the dinosaur. He starts to sing ”I love you, you love me.” But then he starts to sniff me. And his eyes get all funny and his head gets all big. And he says,”I could just eat you up.” And then he starts biting me and I come apart in his big white teeth Okay, parents, time to feel torn and guilty about a Steven Spielberg movie again. Could Jurassic Park possibly give young children some really, really bad dreams? Yes. The movie is rated PG-13, and that seems appropriate, but the ads are going to appeal to kids a lot younger than 13. And this is a really, really scary movie. Parents should know, for one thing, that the benevolent, nature-documentary tone of the teaser TV commercials tells only part of the story. Sure, there are several scenes of cute, harmless dinosaurs-but far more of Jurassic is devoted to suspense, violence, and heart-pounding frights. If you get on this ride, be prepared for the following nasty jolts: *A dinosaur pulls a screaming man into its crate to kill him. Carnage is not shown but is strongly suggested. *A steer is eaten alive by dinosaurs (not shown but heard) and a live goat gets ripped to pieces by a tyrannosaurus (not heard but shown). *A man is snatched up in a dinosaur’s jaws (shown) and eaten alive, to the sound of crunching on the soundtrack. *A T. rex attacks a Ford Explorer tour vehicle with a young boy and girl trapped inside. At various moments, they appear very likely to be crushed, eaten, or suffocated by the muddy ground the dino keeps pushing the car into. The boy is shown bloody from facial injuries and both children appear frightened to the point of shock. *A severed human limb appears on screen. *Several dinos jump out at characters for ”gotcha” shock surprises. *Two children are hunted by two smaller dinosaurs in an extended sequence set in a cafeteria kitchen.

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