Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
June 25, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Mimi Rogers is good at being herself. In fact, it’s her best role. Whether flirting with Garry Shandling on The Larry Sanders Show, chatting with Conan O’Brien on his Late Night audition tape, or vamping her bodacious bod in Playboy, she’s full of charm and irony and utterly free of apologies. There are, of course, her character roles: a sexpot-turned-savior in 1991’s The Rapture; a murdering beauty-pageant contestant in the HBO series Tales From the Crypt; a killer’s wife in the NBC miniseries Bloodlines: Murder in the Family. But it is in playing her 35-year-old self that Rogers-free of the Mrs. Cruise moniker-has proved to be a postmodern actress and completely modern woman. ”’Playing’ Mimi Rogers feels true to myself,” she says, ”in a kind of out-of-my-body way.” Forget range-this actress has found her center.

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