EW Staff
June 25, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Tia Carrere is dreaming of Bond. James Bond. The actress-singer, whose sexy fretwork blew out Wayne’s amps in last year’s Wayne’s World, says her real fantasy is dressing up in gown and gloves and belting out ”Goldfinger” at Hollywood’s Dresden Lounge. Or starring in her very own Bond film. Carrere comes close to that wish this summer, when she costars with the only 007 who really matters, Sean Connery, in Philip Kaufman’s East-meets-West thriller Rising Sun. Does this make her just another Bond girl? Not a chance: Carrere’s fire-and-ice screen presence guarantees that nobody will mistake her for window dressing. Her character, a ”computer-video-graphics expert” named Jingo who helps Connery and Wesley Snipes solve a murder, couldn’t be further from Wayne’s bass-playing, rock & roll- singing, Cantonese-speaking love interest, Cassandra. ”Playing cerebral was really nice after Cassandra,” says Carrere, 25. ”Most people didn’t even know her name. She was just ‘The Babe.”’ Not that she’s whining. After a career whose highs had been cameos on Fox- TV’s Married With Children and ABC’s Anything But Love, it was her role in Wayne’s World (which she’ll reprise in a sequel due late this year) that propelled the Waikiki native into big-budget features and a record deal with Warner Bros. And, after all, the babealicious image seems a natural fit for the newly married Carrere (her husband, Elie Samaha, is an L.A. nightclub financier). Popping in a funky, come-hither lullaby called ”I Wanna Go Home With You Tonight,” a sample track from her as-yet-unnamed debut album, due in August from Warner Bros., she starts dancing around the recording studio in a Daisy Mae ensemble. ”I’ve already shot the video in my mind,” she says, closing her eyes and indulging another fantasy. As she gyrates Salome-like to the beat, an audience of engineers gathers, rapt. ”I like this whole business of entertaining,” she shouts over the music. ”You can make ’em feel.” Photo by David Michalek

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