Ken Tucker
July 09, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Aimed at kids, roundhouse (Nickelodeon, July 10, 8:30-9 p.m.) is really an old-fashioned variety show with a cool attitude. Cocreator and executive producer Buddy Sheffield (In Living Color) keeps the exceptionally talented 11-person cast in constant motion on a single soundstage; one sketch blends into another, which can metamorphose in seconds into a full-blown musical number. Watching Roundhouse-which recently began its second season-is like seeing all the high points of a smash Broadway show in half an hour. A few minor but significant reservations. There tends to be so much crass body-parts humor that I’m loath to let my preadolescent kids watch it. And in general, the series gives off an air of jaded media knowingness that doesn’t quite, um, square with its otherwise bright, upbeat attitude. This week’s show has some shrewd, sensible things to say about divorce. While I wouldn’t want to instill jealousy among the ensemble cast, I’ll single out Julene Renee and Ivan Dudynsky as Round-house’s most versatile stars-in- the-making. If you don’t think kids work hard anymore, check out these performers. B+

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