EW Staff
July 09, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Video Cameo of the Week Gary Coleman He gets ”dwarf-tossed” by two babes in Raging Slab’s ”Anywhere But Here” video.

Promo Item Of The Week Urge Overkill The Chicago-based group sent in a Day-Glo orange car antenna ball.

Random CD Of The Week ‘There Was Love (The Divorce Songs)’ On the Scotti Bros. label, this features the track ”Why Can’t She Lower the Alimony” by eight-times-married Mickey Rooney.

Liner Notes of the Week Ted Nugent’s ‘Out of Control’ Boxed Set ”So to all the inbred a — holes who cheated and lied to me . A big greasy F — – YOU to you all. Certain inept lawyers, accountants, managers, drug-infested musicians, and shallow bought & paid for friends. Eat each other’s s — – & die like the dogs you are.”

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