EW Staff
July 16, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

SEX & JUSTICE: THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE ANITA HILL/CLARENCE THOMAS HEARINGS (1993, First Run, $24.95) Remember ”over the transom,” ”high-tech lynching,” and the relish with which Sen. Orrin Hatch kept repeating ”Long Dong Silver” and ”pubic hair”? This 76-minute videotape does an admirable job of boiling down 1991’s Hill-Thomas sexual-harassment hearings while still providing the larger chunks of speech that surround the sensational sound bites. But even those on the she-said side of this fierce battle of the sexes might at times find Gloria Steinem’s narration facile (”It is history; it has changed history”). Notably absent from this encapsulation is any trace of Thomas’ former Yale classmate John Doggett, the egotistical proponent of the woman-scorned theory. B -Susan Chumsky

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