Alan Carter
July 30, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Distinguishing Feature: Spray-on surgical scrubs. ”I never thought they were that tight.”
Why Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Consulted Him on Health-Care Reform: ”People thought Gannon was too much of a white knight. Realistically, he was a little weak in his personal life. If they dated me on the show, they never lasted. I was almost the kiss of death.”
On the One Patient He Lost: ”I got a Golden Globe out of it. I begged them, Like, can’t one of my patients ever die? So Diane Baker guest-starred as a former lover who had surgery and her heart failed and I had to massage her heart with my hand. She died with her heart in my hands. The foreign press absolutely ate that up.”
Life After Cancellation: Two short-lived series, three miniseries, numerous TV movies, several feature films including Airplane II: The Sequel (”Reruns have kept me in the public eye for a long time”), and appearances in dozens of charity golf tournaments (”I asked God to involve me a little bit and use me in any way he saw fit”). Everett, 56, lives in Westlake Village, Calif., with his wife, Shelby.
Other Classic Docs: Vince Edwards as the title character of Ben Casey, Carl Betz as The Donna Reed Show‘s Alex Stone, DeForest Kelley as Star Trek‘s Leonard ”Bones” McCoy.

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