Alan Carter
July 30, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Distinguishing Feature: Looked nothing like the original Lionel, Mike Evans, whom he replaced until Evans’ return in 1979. ”I never even met him.”
Moving On Out: ”Very few people know this, but I begged Norman Lear to let me out of my contract. My attitude was so bad by the end of the second season that it was an ‘I-quit-no-you’re-fired’ scenario.”
Life After Cancellation: Evans, 42, has lived in London since 1989, singing opera. ”I don’t think it’s any surprise that my success has come in countries where The Jeffersons is no longer shown. I have no desire to come back to America. But send my love to Roxie (Roker) and Isabel (Sanford).”
Other Classic Sons: Billy Gray as Father Knows Best‘s Bud Anderson, Demond Wilson as Sanford and Son‘s Lamont, Ron Howard as Happy Days‘ Richie Cunningham.

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