Susan Stewart
August 20, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

First Gone With the Wind spawned a sequel — decades after the original. Now the Little House books have done the same. Could it be long before the following sequels show up at a bookstore near you?

Eloise Meets Iron John
Deprived of a father figure in her formative Plaza years, an angry teenage Eloise storms a men’s movement retreat, where Robert Bly is bowled over by her aggressive charms. A year later she files a palimony suit.

Mary Poppins Is Okay
Now dependent on cod-liver oil and sugar by the spoonful, Mary attends a series of 12-step meetings.

Make Way for Endangered Ducklings
When industrial waste pollutes the water around Boston’s Public Garden, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard become environmental spokesducks.

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