Steve Daly
August 20, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Thunderbirds Are Go

Current Status
In Season

We gave it a C+

As a kid, did you think those all-puppet ”Supermarionation” TV shows were really neat? Prepare to smash a treasured memory if you watch these two juvenile features, spun off from the Thunderbirds series and here packaged as a double bill. The 007-style sets still look wittily miniaturized, but the little dolls that plod through them — ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, his five-son rescue team, and slinky aide Lady Penelope — have eerily big heads and dead eyes. They barely move, and when they talk, only their lower lips clack feebly. Sorry, fans; reopen the toy chest and Thunderbirds are bores. C+

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