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''The Vanishing'' alternatives

''The Vanishing'' alternatives -- If you enjoyed the film, check out ''The Lady Vanishes,'' ''The Passenger,'' and ''Manhunter''

”The Vanishing” alternatives

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The Lady Vanishes (1938, Sultan)
Alfred Hitchcock’s sophisticated tale of a woman (Margaret Lockwood) who finds herself enmeshed in intrigue on a train after making friends with an old lady (Dame May Whitty) who inexplicably disappears. A

The Passenger (1975, Warner)
Offering a fadeout of a more existential nature, Michelangelo Antonioni’s film stars Jack Nicholson as a disaffected TV reporter in North Africa who switches his identity with a dead man’s and — psychologically — vanishes. B+

Manhunter (1986, Warner)
Michael Mann’s swift, stylish adaptation of Red Dragon, Thomas Harris’ story of high-tech insanity, features the same kind of meticulous psychopath that Jeff Bridges plays. A