Erica Kornberg
August 27, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Call it the missives of November. Just when it seemed the file on the Kennedys couldn’t get any thicker, in sweep around a dozen new books on America’s most famous First Family, a flood inspired by the 30th anniversary of JFK’s death and the uproar over Oliver Stone‘s critically acclaimed JFK. While there has never been a shortage of Kennedy tomes (4,744 to date), most were released by small publishers and catered mainly to assassination buffs. But this fall the torch has been passed to such heavyweight companies as Simon & Schuster (which just released Joe McGinniss’ widely panned Teddy take, The Last Brother). Among the entries:

· The Killing of a President, by Robert J. Groden, a former photo consultant who uses previously top secret photos of JFK’s autopsy to argue there was a cover-up (Viking Studio).
· President Kennedy, a detailed play-by-play of JFK’s decision-making by frequent New Yorker contributor Richard Reeves (Simon & Schuster).
· Case Closed, by lawyer and author Gerald Posner, who uses new evidence to argue that ”Oswald did it” (Random House).
· Who Shot JFK?, a hip, comic-book-style guide to potential assassins by former RFK speech writer Bob Callahan (Fireside Books/Simon & Schuster).

Jack Perry, the biography buyer at Waldenbooks, believes this is only the cusp of a new publishing frontier. ”I’m looking at two books about the younger Kennedys right now,” he says, ”a JFK Jr. bio, Prince Charming [Dutton] and one called The Kennedys: The Third Generation [Thunder’s Mouth Press]. With the grandkids and everything, this thing could go on and on.”

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