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September 10, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

ONE FROM THE HEART: Martin Scorsese has certainly received his share of praise, but none ever quite as, um, intriguing as King Missile‘s eerie new black-and-white music video, ”Martin Scorsese,” currently airing on MTV. Sample lyrics: ”I want to chew his lips off and grab his head and suck out one of his eyes, and chew on it…and say thank you, thank you for making such excellent movies!” John S. Hall, the band’s lead singer and the song’s lyricist, says it took a while for Scorsese to recognize just how much of a heartfelt homage the song really is. (Scorsese learned of it through a mutual acquaintance.) Says Hall of the words, ”They’re emotionally true. I feel that strongly about him. I just want to slap him.”
Tim Purtell

STAR WARS: Fans gathered to see Mel Gibson sink his hands and boots in cement outside Mann’s Chinese Theatre recently, but not everyone in the crowd came to praise him. Members of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and ACT UP held up signs calling the Man Without a Face star a homophobe and woman-hater. The cause of the ruckus: a 1992 interview Gibson gave to the Spanish magazine El País, in which he reportedly made rude comments about gays and about abortion. (Gibson says he was misquoted.) The protesters were booed and pelted with pennies by fans in the crowd. Asked to comment on the demonstrators, Gibson said, ”Yeah, I see them,” then headed off.
Michael Szymanski

JUST PEACHY: Joining the stockpile of entertainment-themed eateries is Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Peach Pit, based on the Deco diner where Brenda, Dylan, and the gang hang. Series creator Aaron Spelling, restaurateur Nicky Blair, and cast member Joe E. Tata (who plays Nat, the Peach Pit’s owner) will launch the first in the chain in Hollywood next February. ”The music business is Hard Rock Cafe, the movie business is Planet Hollywood, and the TV business is the Peach Pit,” says Blair. You won’t find Brenda burgers or Kelly cakes on the menu, but visitors can feast on McQueen burgers and Monroe burgers — fare served on the show — and, of course, load up on a variety of Peach Pit merchandise, including pots and pans. Planning for three or four Pits in the U.S. and 16 to open internationally, Spelling and company are obviously banking on the show’s continued popularity. ”It will be in syndication,” says Blair. ”Believe me, it’s not going to die.”
Jessica Shaw

RELATIVE TERMS: Keeping the rumor mill grinding, Hollywood types are trying to link yet another actor to L.A.’s alleged prostitution ringleader, Heidi Fleiss. This time it’s 9-year-old Noah Fleiss, one of the stars of the Castle Rock Entertainment’s upcoming film Josh & S.A.M. The young Fleiss’ manager, Denise Dunayer, says she has received inquiries about a possible connection, but says there’s absolutely no truth to it. ”He has an aunt named Heidi Fleiss, so maybe that’s where all this confusion is coming from. But Noah’s family has never heard of this [other] woman.” A spokesman for Castle Rock says he had heard that the child actor was a ”distant cousin” of Heidi’s, but ”I wouldn’t hang my hat on it. I’m not a genealogist or anything.”
Frank Spotnitz

BLOND ON BLOND: Before tying the knot with longtime beau Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger had a romantic tête-à-tête with…Garth Algar? It’s true. Basinger has just finished shooting a cameo for Wayne’s World 2 (due in December) as Honey Hornee, Garth’s love interest. Dana Carvey, who plays Wayne’s warm and fuzzy sidekick, approached Basinger with the part and refused to take no for an answer. ”Dana called me about a million times,” says Basinger. ”He was like, ‘Kim, listen to me, you must be in this movie.”’ But the capper came when Basinger showed the script to Baldwin. ”Alec just loved it! He said, ‘Kim, listen to me, you must be in this movie.”’ The echo effect clinched it, but was the experience totally excellent? Not, says Basinger. ”He’s no babe. All that Garth hair. Yuck.”
Cindy Pearlman

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