Ken Tucker
September 10, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Trouble with Larry

TV Show
Current Status
In Season
Bronson Pinchot, Courteney Cox
Robert Berlinger, John Fortenberry

We gave it a D+

The troubling The Trouble With Larry attempts to showcase the wiggy comic talent of its star, Perfect Strangers‘ Bronson Pinchot, but the series leaves him stranded without much help from the writers or costars. The result is an uglier viewing experience than might have been necessary. The show’s premise is pleasingly peculiar: Pinchot’s Larry, presumed dead for 10 years, suddenly returns to his wife, Sally, played by Major Dad‘s Shanna Reed. The problem is, Sally is remarried to a stuffy fellow played by Perry King (Riptide, Almost Home).

Improbably, Larry moves into the house, bantering with the new couple and making risqué comments to Sally’s sister, played by Family Ties‘ Courteney Cox in the season’s most superfluous supporting role — what on earth possessed the charming Cox to take a part that requires her to do nothing more than stand around fetchingly and be the object of Larry’s (and, by extension, our) leers? Watching Pinchot flail through lousy punch lines and Cox endure ogling, you may find The Trouble With Larry not just not-funny, but actively depressing. D+

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