Cynthia Grisolia
October 15, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Seinfeld‘s Kramer, played by Emmy winner Michael Richards, is TV’s goofy sidekick du jour—the Goober to Jerry’s Andy. But the more we watch, the more Kramer reminds us of still another prime-time favorite—Happy Days‘ Fonzie, who, like Kramer, began as an occasional character and broke through to stardom. Though the Fonz never brought home an Emmy for three-time nominee Henry Winkler, consider these striking similarities:


Wears: distinctive ’50s-kitsch tough-guy T-shirt and leather jacket.

No one can touch his hair.

Rarely knocks.

Hangout: a booth at Arnold’s.

Gives advice in: Arnold’s men’s room

Catchword: ”Aayyyy.”

Snaps his fingers.

Always gets the girl.


Wears: distinctive ’50s-kitsch nutball sweater shirts and zipper jackets

No one can reach his hair.

Rarely knocks.

Hangout: a booth at Monk’s.

Gives advice in: Jerry’s kitchen

Catchwords: ”Yo-Yo Ma!”

Snaps into spastic convulsions.

Always gets the girl.

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