Melina Gerosa
October 15, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

* The Scene: Phil Collins in and around New York City, shooting the video ”Both Sides of the Story,” due the week of Oct. 18.

* Why Beavis and Butt-head Will Think It Sucks: Collins earnestly tackles such universal problems as crime, homelessness, and international strife.

* Involuntary Vice: ”Phil bites his nails whenever there are screaming fans around,” says director Jim Yukich.

* Best Confession: ”Let’s face it, it isn’t Hamlet,” says Collins. ”We’re talking about a half a dozen words of a pop song.”

* Charitable Casting: The director recruited a homeless man named Sam for a cameo appearance. He was paid $120 in cash.

* Don’t Lose These Numbers: Autographs signed during one 48-hour period: 46. Footage shot for the 6-minute-and-43-second video: 12,000 feet. Budget for this video as well as the upcoming ”Everyday”: $300,000. Amount of tip declined by Staten Island’s Pal Joey’s pizzeria (”Da business was enough”): $10.

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