EW Staff
December 24, 1993 AT 05:00 AM EST

Has Barbara Walters lost her gift of gab? On her 12 Most Fascinating People of 1993 show, her top movers and shakers didn’t talk much. Indeed, the ABC special didn’t add up in more ways than one. Here are a few:

Number of outfits worn by Walters: 10
Number of times Walters said some form of the word fascinate: 23
Number of people asked if they were fascinating: 2
Shortest interview (Clint Eastwood): 46 seconds
Longest interview (David Letterman): 2 minutes, 45 seconds
Sum total of conversations: 13 minutes
Amount of time Walters played pool with k.d. lang: 29 seconds
Amount of time Walters shot hoops with Shaquille O’Neal: 24 seconds
Amount of time Walters spent with the person she called the most fascinating, Hillary Clinton: None

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