Bruce Fretts
December 24, 1993 AT 05:00 AM EST

So Ken and Lisa don’t agree on Mad About You. Fine. But how many other shows fall into the gender gap? Test your intuition for male-female TV taste with this true-false quiz: 1. Men like Monday Night Football more than women do. True. Duh. 2. Women like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place more than men do. True. Okay, now it gets harder. 3. Women don’t like police shows. False. While Cops and Walker, Texas Ranger leave women cold, NYPD Blue is a top 20 show among women ages 18 to 49. 4. Men don’t like shows starring strong, funny women. False. Murphy Brown and Roseanne are both top 20 shows among men ages 18 to 49. 5. Men don’t like shows starring strong, serious women. True. Most guys would rather watch test patterns than Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman or Sisters. 6. Men like the adventure of seaQuest DSV; women prefer the romance of Lois & Clark. False. Both shows attract a mostly male audience. 7. The Mommies is a more popular show with women; Daddy Dearest is more popular with men. True. Paging Dr. Freud 8. Men like cartoons more than women do. True, at least judging by the ratings for The Simpsons. Draw your own conclusions. 9. Men like raucous sitcoms more than women do. True. It’s not the subtle nuances that lure male viewers to Married With Children and Martin. 10. Women like romantic sitcoms more than men do. True. If you missed this one, reread Ken and Lisa’s Mad About You reviews. And the gender split is even more severe for Love & War. 11. Everyone loves 60 Minutes. False. It’s much more popular with men. Maybe because it’s on after football? -Bruce Fretts

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