Steve Daly
January 14, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

Call it robbing from the poor. Despite all the poop gags,pee-pee punch lines, and other PG-13 naughtiness, Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood: Men in Tights remains remarkably like Brooks’ far tamer 1975 ABC-Tv sitcom on the same subject, When Things Were Rotten. A compilation tape of three Rotten episodes(Paramount) is extremely hard to find in rental stores. So we’ve done our homework for you and compared the two parodies. Cassette jacket shows Robin (Dick Gautier) shooting gag arrow (with a toilet plunger attached to it). People on laugh track repeatedly heard howling at unfunny jokes. Dick Van Patten plays Friar Tuck, who in one episode masquerades as an archbishop with a funny hat.

TV fixture Steve Landesberg (Barney Miller) guest-stars as an cooky-accented wizard who worries that his pointy hat makes him look stupid. Heralds blast their horns in the ears of a visiting dignitary (Sid Caesar, above). In Sherwood Forest, a tax collector tells the peasants to hold their tongues- and they do, pulling them out to show to him. Sheriff’s fey henchman enjoys fingering guards’ chests.A parody biblical passage goes, ”Ruth begat Isaac, Isaac begat Hayes.”

Maid Marian’s bridesmaids break into a Motown song. Camera pulls back to reveal set builder holding branch. Lasted 16 weeks on TV.

Cassette jacket shows Robin (Cary Elwes) shooting gag arrow (with a cartridge of arrow ammo attached to it). Villagers and Merry Men repeatedly seen doubling over at unfunny jokes. Mel Brooks plays Rabbi Tuckman; Dick Van Patten cameos as an abbot with a funny hat (mainly so somebody can yell ”Hey, Abbott!”). TV fixture Tracey Ullman guest-stars as an Cockney-accented witch who worries that her pointy nose makes her look ugly.

Heralds blast their horns in the ears of a reigning dignitary (Richard Lewis, above).

In Sherwood Forest, Robin asks the peasants to lend him their ears-and they do, pulling them off to throw at him. Sheriff’s fey hangman enjoys fingering Robin’s neck.

Robin’s Moorish cellmate Asneeze-played by Isaac Hayes-tells him he has begat a son named Ahchoo.

Robin’s men break into a rap song.

Camera pans right to reveal prop man having brunch. Lasted 10 weeks in movie theaters.

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