Ken Tucker
January 14, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

Bellowing conservative Rush Limbaugh has inspired a sitcom, the unbelievable Monty. The hero here is right-wing TV host Monty Richardson who, in a truly extraordinary piece of miscasting, is played by Henry Winkler. While Limbaugh is a real pro as a broadcasting communicator, Winkler’s Monty is a gibbering buffoon-more like an even-less-articulate Archie Bunker. Monty doesn’t even have the courage of its premise. Monty pontificates in a conservative mode, but he doesn’t actually express any beliefs that would offend the touchiest liberal; he’s actually a middle-of- the-road bore. The only remotely funny character is Monty’s son’s aggressively bratty girlfriend, played with fierce bite by China Kantner (yes, the offspring of Grace Slick and Paul Kantner). For some reason, the talented Kate Burton (Home Fires) has signed on as Monty’s wife. One hopes a good TV producer will watch this thing and hire her away when it’s canceled. D

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