EW Staff
January 14, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

If you’ve come to subsist on Northern Exposure’s slightly wacko combination of cozy down- hominess, provincial political correctness, and an eclectic combination of philosophies to get you through the week, take heart. This cookbook, The Northern Exposure Cookbook: A Community Cookbook from the Heart of the Alaskan Riviera comes to you live from the same cast of snowbound soliloquists you’ve come to know and love. Equally thrilling to some fans (especially those with VCRs): These recipes are pseudoauthentic. A key in back lists the actual episode in which each dish was eaten, cooked, or maybe just mentioned. (So what if you’ll never actually make Adam’s pumpkin tortellini, Shelly’s hot dog and cheese casserole, or Lightfeather Duncan’s mashed potatoes?) Other delectables include the book’s introduction, in which store owner Ruth-Anne relates Cicely’s unique early history (involving lesbianism and interpretive dance), and the bite-size morsels of wisdom that begin each chapter (the best come from Chris, Cicely’s resident ex-con, he-babe, and lofty thinker). On the down side, a few of the food-related essays on subjects like french fries (Shelly), cooking for one (Maggie), and Jewish cuisine (Joel) seem forced. Though die- hard NE fans will be amused-if not satiated-by all this in-joking, everybody else might well conclude: Never mind the moose meat, where’s the beef? B

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