Jessica Shaw
January 21, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

Barbra Streisand’s lauded New Year’s show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has whetted her appetite for the concert stage, and she may hit the road this fall. ”It’s a matter of fitting the pieces together,” says Streisand’s manager, Martin Erlichman, who is scheduled to discuss the prospect with her this week.

On tour, Streisand, 51, could break all records. In addition to her reported $20 million paycheck, the MGM audiences forked over more than $1 million for T-shirts ($25), jackets ($300), and mugs ($15).

”She can sell as many seats as she wants,” says John Scher, a concert promoter vying for a piece of the pie, ”and as fast as tickets can be sold.” Erlichman insists the tickets would cost less than the $50 to $1,000 range at the MGM shows. And while fans would prefer to see her in intimate settings, she may play such arenas as New York’s Madison Square Garden. Says Scher, ”It’ll be the event of a lifetime.”

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