Ken Tucker
January 28, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

At the start of lies of the heart: the story of laurie kellogg (ABC, Jan. 31, 9-11 p.m.), there’s a shot of Beverly Hills, 90210’s Jennie Garth rising from her bunk in a jail cell looking daisy-fresh as we hear her say in voice-over narration, ”My name is Laurie Kellogg. I’m waiting to be tried for the murder of the man I loved most in the world.” From this you can immediately grasp that Lies of the Heart is at least straightforward schlock. The fact-based Lies features Gregory Harrison as Laurie’s husband, Bruce Kellogg, a demanding type: ”There’s mildew in the shower again-try bleach!” Any man in a TV movie who fusses this much about the finer points of housekeeping must inevitably prove to be an abusive creep. So by the time Bruce is murdered by some of Laurie’s friends, we’re totally on her side when she’s arrested for putting her chums up to the crime. Obvious and clumsy, Lies benefits only from the way Garth manages to make Kellogg a believably naive young woman. D+

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