EW Staff
January 28, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

Yogi Bear just cut a record, but real-life rockers have long turned to ‘toons for inspiration. Here, proof of how Saturday-morning viewing during childhood has influenced rock & roll. EEP OPP ORk (uh, uh) The Dickies This band, the West Coast’s answer to the Ramones, cranked out a 1988 version of ”Eep,” the futuristic rockabilly song that was daughter Judy’s favorite record on The Jetsons. Theme from THE BUGS BUNNY SHOW Spin Doctors On a live EP recorded in 1990, the neo-psychedelic blues-rockers ask the audience, ”Does anyone remember Dudley Do-Right? Was he on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show or The Bugs Bunny Hour?” They then break into a rendition of Bugs and Tweety’s famous tune: ”Overture/ Curtain, lights/This is it/The night of nights. ” Theme from COURAGEOUS CAT The Ttrolls This Philadelphia-based blues-rock group entered the ‘toon music fray with a version of the theme to the ’60s superhero/funny-animal cartoon show.

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