Lawrence O'Toole
January 28, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

What to rent if you can’t get ”True Romance”

If you fancy a shotgun romance with a violent ambience, Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild is just the ticket. A kooky blond in a black Louise Brooks wig (Melanie Griffith) charms the pants off a yuppie (Jeff Daniels); then they both get their pants scared off them when an old boyfriend (Ray Liotta) turns up.

For another movie about a drug deal that goes bust, there’s the beautifully observed Crossing the Bridge. In it three Detroit buddies (Josh Charles, Jason Gedrick, and Stephen Baldwin) attempt a drug run to Canada across the Ambassador.

Finally, for those seeking the presence of Elvis — if not literally as in True Romance, then at least conceptually — there’s David Lynch’s Wild at Heart, in which the King is Nicolas Cage’s fashion — and spiritual — adviser.

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