Cyborg Cop

Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-fi and Fantasy; Starring: David Bradley, John Rhys-Davies; Director: Sam Firstenberg; MPAA Rating: R

Mere weeks after the release of his dreadful Blood Warriors, anemic action hero David Bradley is back; if he maintains this pace, he bids fair to become the Joyce Carol Oates of the direct-to-video shelves. Surprisingly enough, Cyborg Cop, wherein Bradley plays an ex-DEA officer searching for his missing brother(who’s been turned into the title character by name-brand ham John Rhys-Davies), is actually an improvement over previous efforts. The story’s briskly paced, the action scenes are competently shot, and, best of all, Bradley doesn’t sing. C-

Originally posted February 4 1994 — 12:00 AM EST

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