Honky Tonk N' Blues

Genre: Reissues, Blues, Country; Lead Performer: Delbert Mcclinton

McClinton’s been around long enough to remember when roadhouse country first courted R&B, and he has the catalog to prove it. Honky Tonk N’ Blues (MCA), a collection of his mid-to-late-’70s material includes the classics ”Two More Bottles of Wine” and ”Solid Gold Plated Fool” and boldly erases the color line in a way contemporary radio would never allow. When McClinton rasps out a line about being jailed for ”cuttin’ up some honky with that bone-handled knife,” he’s not talking about life down at your polyester-cactus cowboy bar. B+

Originally posted February 11 1994 — 12:00 AM EST

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