Ty Burr
February 18, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

For Love or Money

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Rob Campos
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We gave it a C-

The smell of sour mid-’80s glitz clings to For Love or Moneylike stale beer on a frathouse floor. In this comedy, Michael J. Fox plays a concierge at a posh Fifth Avenue hotel who caters to the whims of monied guests but dreams of building his own four-star hostelry (on the ruins of a 19th-century smallpox hospital, New York history buffs will ominously note). He pins his hopes to a caddish entrepeneur (Anthony Higgins) but makes the mistake of falling for the man’s mistress (Gabrielle Anwar). A stronger lead actress might have helped put this dated Trumpery over, but in fairness it’s hard to say whether the problem is Anwar’s inexperience or her character’s stupidity. As for Fox, his genial pep is put to the test. ”I’m not going to be a 59-year-old bellhop,” he says at one point. The way things are going, Michael, anything’s possible.

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