EW Staff
February 18, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

STEVE MCQUEEN: PORTRAIT OF AN AMERICAN REBEL Marshall Terrill (Donald I. Fine, $22.95) Interviews with friends, directors, and fellow actors provide us with a hyperdetailed account of McQueen’s action-packed 50 years-from his troubled childhood to his unsuccessful fight with cancer. What we don’t get, though, is an intimate portrait of the man: McQueen’s three former wives were not interviewed. Worse, the author is so busy chronicling McQueen’s failures, he glosses right over the actor’s greatest success: his powerful chemistry with the camera. For McQueen was, like Marilyn Monroe, that rare creature perfectly suited to the screen. It was with it that he had his most productive relationship and achieved his ultimate definition. Perhaps no book can describe this quality effectively, especially to a younger generation who must see it for themselves. B -EK

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