Tenor Legacy

Genre: Jazz; Lead Performer: Joe Lovano; Producer (group): Blue Note

Because jazz was not as hot in the ’70s- when tenor saxist Joe Lovano came on the scene-as it has been in the ’90s- when Joshua Redman arrived-Redman’s name is better known. But this album, which teams Redman with Lovano, is very much Lovano’s showcase. On the bold uptempo numbers, Lovano establishes himself as one of today’s major sax players, even if the full beauty of a ballad like ”Laura” eludes him. Redman’s sax meshes nicely, and the rhythm section-Lewis Nash, Christian McBride, Don Alias, and Mulgrew Miller-virtually defines the state of the art.

Originally posted February 18 1994 — 12:00 AM EST

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