Pat H. Broeske
March 11, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

Having the environment?Being kind to animals? Has Steven Seagal gone soft? No way. In On Deadly Ground Seagal plays caring oil rigger-turned-environmentalist Forrest Taft, but his macho magnificence is fully intact as he battles villains across the Alaskan wilds. Specifics of the body count include:

·Total number of guys he offs: 40
·Number of guys beaten or killed by a whale bone: 1
·Number of guys thrust into helicopter blades: 1
·Number of guys knifed in the head: 1
·Number of guys dropped in a vat of oil: 1 ·Number of women incinerated in exploding car: 1
·Number of love scenes between Seagal and costar Joan Chen: 0

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