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March 11, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

If you’re throwing a tribute concert, you still can’t invite Sinéad O’Connor. The Irish diva, who was famously booed at the 1992 Bob Dylan tribute, received the same reception during last month’s homage to Pete Townsend at New York’s Carnegie Hall. Fans were thrilled to hear Eddie Vedder and the Spin Doctors belt out Who tunes with Roger Daltrey and the Juilliard Orchestra, but some began booing when O’Connor joined Daltrey for an inspired rendition of ”Baba O’Riley.” Says a spokeswoman, ”It’s a hangover from the Pope thing on Saturday Night Live,” referring to the show in which O’Connor tore up a photo of John Paul II. ”There’s still some hostility, but people seem to be coming around.” — Melina Gerosa

Imagine what fans of such Wesley Snipes action pics as Sugar Hill and Passenger 57 will make of the star’s next role: A drag queen traveling cross-country in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. ”Most people will be shocked,” says Snipes, who thinks he’s not a bad- looking woman. ”I thought I would look uglier. I was no glamour queen, but I was cute. I had a body on me.” And switching sexes was relatively painless. ”I don’t have hardly any hair on my legs,” says Snipes, ”so I didn’t need much of a wax job.” — Cindy Pearlman

The most frightening aspect of working with Stephen King? His taste in music, says Miguel Ferrer (Twin Peaks, RoboCop), who stars in King’s upcoming eight-hour ABC miniseries, The Stand. ”He listens to disco all day long,” says Ferrer. ”I would be rehearsing a scene and all of a sudden a tape player would start blasting ‘Disco Inferno.’ Everyone would say, ‘Oh, Stephen is here.”’ Ferrer finally worked up the courage to ask King about his dance-music fever. ”He told me, ‘I love disco and heavy metal,”’ says Ferrer, ”’What can I say?”’ So that’s who’s buying those Donna Summer records. — CP

My Girl 2 star Anna Chlumsky isn’t afraid to kiss and tell. So how did she like her smooch scene with Austin O’Brien (Last Action Hero) in the recently released sequel? On a scale of one to 10, ”it was only a three. It was a long, drawn-out kiss and we were both nervous,” says Chlumsky, 13. At least it was better than the lip action from her original My Girl costar, Macaulay Culkin. ”That was a different kiss. It was real quick. Like kissing your aunt.” — CP

After winning her Academy Award last year Emma Thompson complained that she wasn’t being offered scripts — but we had no idea it was this bad. Last seen in an uncredited cameo in the fluffy My Father, the Hero, the double-Oscar nominee will star opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the spoof Junior. ”She started in comedy and it’s something she loves,” says her publicist. ”Sometimes you like to kick up your heels and have fun.” Will Junior tarnish Thompson’s brass? ”I would like to think her fans have more imagination than to see her in only one kind of role,” says the spokeswoman. — Jessica Shaw

Jerry Seinfeld worships cereal. Julia Louis-Dreyfus worships her hair. But what does Seinfeld‘s Jason Alexander worship? William Shatner. ”I became an actor because of Shatner,” says Alexander. ”Everywhere I went as a kid, I was doing the best Shatner you’ve ever seen.” But it wasn’t until recently that Alexander met his idol — when they both stepped into a crowded elevator at an industry convention in Miami. ”I broke into a huge sweat,” says the actor. ”I don’t know if he knows who I am.” So, did Alexander finally profess his adoration to the Star Trek captain? ”I didn’t say a word. I figure he’s got enough psychos following him. He doesn’t need one more.” — Cable Neuhaus

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