Heidi Siegmund Cuda
March 11, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

Three months ago, rapper Ice Cube was spouting separatist dogma to a high school in South Central L.A. Two months later, he was directing the first video from long-haired blues-rock guitarist Ian Moore. Could there be stranger bedfellows?

According to Moore, Cube was the perfect choice to direct his single ”Harlem,” a song about black/white fear from his self-titled debut album. ”The video is about how stereotypes propagate [racism],” he says. ”If we don’t begin seeing each other as human beings, there ain’t gonna be nothing.”

Cube’s decision to work with the Texan was less altruistic. ”Black directors don’t get to direct rock videos,” says Cube, who has directed clips for Color Me Badd and rapper Threat. ”Plus, I thought the song was cool.”

At least one stereotype was destroyed during the shoot. ”Cube is a real sensitive guy,” says Moore. ”Just don’t spread it around.”

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