Anna David
March 11, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

These days, everybody’s a critic — even the second graders at Sherwood Elementary School in Sherwood, Ark. We asked the children to watch The Secret Garden and weigh in on this classic story of the orphan Mary (played by Kate Maberly), her cousin Colin (Heydon Prowse), and the magical garden they discover. Below, our young critics reveal the secrets of the video’s success.

”The movie made me feel real good deep down inside me, and Mary was real good at acting. It was my favorite rated-G movie!” — Autumn Tolliver

”I liked Colin’s face and voice. It was a very, very good movie.” — Jeffrey Grooms

”I like Mary because she is pretty and brave, but I think the worst part is when Mrs. Medlock locks her in her room.” — Brittney McClafferty

”The movie was sad first and in the middle, but not when Mary and Colin found the key.” — Sherman Duckery

”It made me happy when they found the garden. I would tell a friend to see the movie.” — Jaimee Jensen

”I felt good and nice and special after watching the movie.” — Amanda Hartz

”I liked all of the parts without words.” — Jacob Hohnbaum

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