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March 18, 1994 AT 05:00 AM EST

Rock Quarry
I opened up your winter double issue ( 210/211, Feb. 18) and was very pleasantly surprised to find an article on Soundgarden. Needless to say, I was blown away! I remember a time when you’d have to search for some underground publication in a dark record store in the alley behind a campus bar to find anything about a band like Soundgarden (even though there is no other band like Soundgarden). Thanks!
Christine Seward
Columbus, Ohio

Two thumbs up to the winter double issue. As an EW addict, I look forward to every issue, but the double issues are always a little special — and without fail, this was. Thank you for producing such a brilliant magazine.
Chad Sexton
Huntsville, Tenn.

Be still, my heart! An entire article on Henry Rollins — and Glenn Danzig’s name on the same page! Two of my favorite antiheroes are getting some much-deserved recognition. I know EW is great, but I never fail to be impressed by your accurate, unbiased reporting, especially when you manage to drag some of the greatest underground artists out into the light. Thank you for putting together the best entertainment magazine money can buy. Three cheers!
Angela Adcock

I recommend that the Spanish language introduce the new verb toriar: to groove on Tori. Then toriamos would be rendered as: We are grooving on Tori.
Kirk Bonner
Montrose, Calif.

If in his ”Frank N’ Style” article David Browne had spent less time constructing arch and specious analogies, and more time seriously analyzing Frank Sinatra’s music and its devotees, he would have realized that the appeal of Sinatra’s music lies precisely in its very negation of modern coarseness and vulgarity and its affirmation of a more wholesome culture moment — an appreciation too often smugly dismissed as camp. Any comparison of Sinatra’s creative idiom to that of gangsta rappers is truly offensive to his fans, who have too long endured the glib irony of such wrongheaded and shallow criticism.
Mark Gaitens

‘Reality’ Smites
Forgive me, Generation X, for I have sinned. I am 26 years old, married, have held a steady job for most of my adult life, and never use such hip terms as ”den of slack.” Also, I haven’t worshiped the MTV gods in, oh, about eight years. I didn’t realize how I’ve failed my fellow Xers until I saw Reality Bites, about a bunch of kids in Houston. I guess growing up a few hundred miles away in Dallas failed to prepare me for my true calling as an MTV- addicted, unemployed whiner with a major chip on my shoulder. I guess I’d better just turn in my Xer credentials. I always found the term — and the obsession with defining my generation — offensive anyway.
Jacqui Kramer
Collingswood, N.J.

Correction: An item on the Smashing Pumpkins cited their 1993 Siamese Dream as being the group’s debut album. Their debut album was, in fact, Gish, first released in 1991 on Caroline Records.

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