Erica Kornberg
April 08, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Worth Book of Softball: A Celebration of America's True National Pastime

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Paul Dickson
Nonfiction, Sports

We gave it a B+

It’s softball’s lot always to be measured against baseball: The ball is bigger, the bats are smaller, the bases closer together. But the fact is that more Americans play softball than play the so-called national pastime — more than 40 million weekend warriors at last count. The Worth Book of Softball: A Celebration of America’s True National Pastime pays homage to softball’s primacy and tells us everything we never knew about this underchronicled game. Included are a glossary of softball terms, the sport’s first record book of players and stats, and more than 120 photos of softball’s heroes — men and women who play the sport at its highest levels, in most cases, just for the fun of it. B+

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