Deborah Frost
May 06, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Far From Home

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We gave it a C

Who do Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi think they’re kidding? They may have convinced themselves that they (and not the late Chris Wood or Dave Mason, who’s trucking with Fleetwood Mac this summer) were the real drivers behind Traffic. But the band’s reunion album, Far From Home, couldn’t be further from the brightest sparks of the high-heeled British boys who helped define the art of post-Sgt. Pepper rock and recording. Filled with Winwood’s lackluster keyboard noodling and canned Capaldi drumming that could be outtakes from the former’s recent beer commercials, the reformed Traffic comes off like a fairly crass attempt to jump-start two stalled solo careers and exploit a legendary brand name in the process. Winwood has never sounded more uninterested than when mouthing the oddly sanctimonious lyrics of ”Holy Ground” and ”State of Grace” (Capaldi, an able lead singer in his own right, never emerges from the background), and the only tune that breaks out of the prevailing plod is the instrumental ”Mozambique.” What’s next in this disturbing corporate-rock trend-the reformed Who with just Roger Daltrey and Kenney Jones?

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