Ken Tucker
May 06, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

She’s perky; he’s a wiseguy. She’s open and giggly; he’s curt and ironic. Together, they’re Mike & Maty, a wacky mismatch of daytime talk-show hosts the announcer calls ”A.M.’s M&Ms!,” Michael Burger and Maty Monfort. Mike & Maty replaces Home, the endlessly entertaining show that spent four years going through female co-hosts, trying to locate one brain-dead enough to find Gary Collins an interesting conversationalist. That search having failed, Mike & Maty has been trundled out to provide much the same information: fashion and decorating tips, recipes, advice on buying lingerie, and how to clean your dog’s teeth (put baking soda and salt on a piece of wet gauze and rub those choppers!).

Maty is a bit too chirpily enthusiastic for a before-noon TV show, and the color gap between her hair and her eyebrows is vaguely troubling. Mike is so busy making sure we realize he knows this show is really corny that he doesn’t have time to reveal the charming fellow he might actually be-it’s the usual post-Letterman talk-show dilemma. Gary Collins, all is forgiven!

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