Frank Lovece
May 13, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

And to inaugurate the TV Mom Hall of Fame, we have June Lockhart — sitcom mom (Lassie), adventure-show mom (Lost in Space), and real-life mom (to grown daughters Anne and Junie). Here’s her take on television moms, past and present.

On Lassie‘s Ruth Martin: ”She really ran that farm. The father was always trying to grow a bean crop that never came in. She was the one getting the kids off to school and baking things for church. As a mom, she was consistent, affectionate, and had a sense of humor and a great sense of reality.”

On Lost in Space‘s Maureen Robinson: ”She was a biochemist in the pilot and had great potential as a character. Then the [show] went in another direction. But I think she had great authority, and in scenes with her husband they were absolutely united in what should be done and how problems should be met.”

On current TV moms: ”I’ll tell you who was right up my alley — Murphy Brown’s mom (Avery Brown, played by the late Colleen Dewhurst). She was a person — she came in with a life of her own and did her stuff with Murphy and then went back to her own life. It was nice to see a mom who brings in her own persona for a change.”

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