Melissa W. Rawlins
May 20, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

If Peter Gabriel’s CD-ROM seems like an ego trip, wait until you see the final destination. Xplora 1 is just a peek at the artist’s grander plans-Real World Experience Park in Barcelona, Spain, a multimedia theme park, art gallery, and museum being designed by Gabriel with the help of performance artist Laurie Anderson and art-rock innovator Brian Eno and expected to open within the next five years. Visitors will supposedly be able to enter private booths to participate in a high-powered, updated version of Xplora 1, then walk into an interactive nightclub or partake in what technical and creative coordinator Mike Large calls ”experiences, one of which is a journey through a kind of dream world.”

In another adaptation of Gabriel’s recent experimentation, the park will include an attraction along the lines of the Mindblender-a simulated trip through a psychedelic videoscape. The chair-and-screen combo, which rocks and rolls without actually taking you anywhere, was demonstrated last year at state fairs across the U.S., showcasing the performer’s 1993 ”Kiss That Frog” music video.

Right now, Real World organizers are hitting on investors to cough up the millions of dollars needed to build the park, for which they expect to charge a $10 to $20 admission fee. The city of Barcelona has tentatively agreed to supply 15 acres in Vall d’Hebron (site of the 1992 Olympic tennis competition) for the project, once Gabriel, Anderson, Eno, and the rest of Real World’s creative team finalize their ideas. Whenever that will be.

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