A.J. Jacobs
May 27, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The center of the entertainment universe is not publicity giant PMK or Uberagent Michael Ovitz. It’s Kevin Bacon? At least that’s the theory sweeping computer bulletin boards and college campuses. The star of Diner and He Said, She Said attained his new status in March when Albright College students Craig Fass, Brian Turtle, and Mike Ginelli appeared on The Jon Stewart Show with this discovery: Any entertainer can be linked to Bacon through film roles in a few short steps (right). One computer wiz created a database on the Internet that maps the fastest road to Bacon from any star.

”It’s amazing how it’s snowballed,” says Fass, a 20-year-old history major. ”Kevin’s been everywhere.” And what does the Center of the Universe think of all this? ”It comes as no shock to me,” Bacon says. ”I’ve always felt that way.”

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