Jessica Shaw
June 10, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Have you seen Rosie O’Donnell lately? How could you not? Recently, it’s been all Rosie, all the time. Witness:

The movies: Rosie costars in the much-overhyped The Flintstones.
Broadway: Rosie stars in the way-overhyped-for-a-revival Grease.
Network TV: Rosie yuks it up with David Letterman on his Late Show.
The commercials: Bedrock resident Betty Rubble (a.k.a. Rosie) snacks at RocDonald’s.
HBO: Continual reruns of Rosie’s film debut, A League of Their Own.
MTV: Cindy Crawford special — there she is.
Tabloid TV: A Hard Copy exclusive on guess who?
Toy stores: For sale, action-size Betty Rubble/Rosie O’Donnell figurines.
Tuscan Dairy Farms skim milk containers: Bumping missing kids off the back of milk cartons, Rosie hawks tickets to Grease.

When we asked to speak to O’Donnell about her sudden omnipresence, her spokeswoman responded: “I’m not sure she wants to talk about it. Are you saying she’s overexposed?”

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